Sandra Bullock Not Happy About Jesse James Book


I wonder why it took Jesse James so long to write a tell-all about his marriage to Sandra Bullock? He hasn't crushed her spirit in months. What was he waiting for? Via Monsters and Critics:

Sandra Bullock is reportedly 'devastated' that ex-husband Jesse James is preparing to lift the lid on their relationship in a tell-all book. James has penned his memoirs for a new autobiography titled American Outlaw, a move that is said to have prompted Sandra to terminate their friendship.

A source told Closer magazine, "He didn't warn her about the book at all - she had no idea he was even considering it until after he'd signed the contract. She's devastated. Sandra's told Jesse they can no longer be friends - even for the kids' sake. She decided she has to put herself first. She couldn't deal with him anymore."

Hmmmm, I wonder what Sandra is so scared of? Maybe Jesse has pictures of her dressed up as Eva Braun or stories about her reciting Nazi propaganda speeches in German during sex. Regardless, it shouldn't be a surprise that Sandra's so shocked about Jesse writing a book. She probably never thought he would expose their most intimate secrets could spell.


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