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Sandra Bullock Has "Master Plan" to Divorce Jesse James

A friend of Sandra Bullock says the Oscar-winning actress has a "master plan" to divorce philandering husband Jesse James.

"They will divorce," the friend tells "She is trying to pick her way through the mess and all the stress of knowing his three children will be hurt no matter what happens. The kids are what is holding her back from filing for the divorce immediately. It's been tough and she wants to find a balance for them -- they deserve some stability, even through the divorce."

The friend says Bullock has come to terms with the fact that her six-year marriage to James is over. She has reportedly moved out of the couple's house, and was spotted over the weekend without her wedding ring, according to Page 6 of the New York Post.

"With Jesse in rehab, she is trying to tread lightly. Sandra is doing this on her own time line and refuses to budge or give in to people who say she should divorce him immediately."

James and Bullock have no children together. But James has three children from his two previous marriages. Those kids are apparently a big part of Bullock's life.

"Jesse and his children are her family and in some ways always will be," the friend said. "She is not ready to scrap it all as fast as possible. She's taken some time off and plans to stay out of the spotlight. Sandra and Jesse will talk again, but divorce will happen. She has a master plan."


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