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Sandra Bullock Asked to Return Her Razzie Award

A day before Sandra Bullock won the Academy Award for Best Actress for "The Blind Side," she won the far less prestigious Razzie Award for Worst Actress for her work in the horrible "All About Steve." In a rare move, she actually showed up to accept her award. But now she has to give it back.

The judges haven't reversed their ruling that Bullock was simply awful in an awful movie. It's just that they gave her the wrong trophy. It seems instead of giving her the intentionally cheap-looking spray painted trophy worth $4.79, they inadvertently gave Bullock the original, 30-year-old Razzie.

Razzie co-founder John Wilson explained to the UK's Daily Telegraph, "As Sandra was in such a rush after winning Worst Actress she ran off with the original handmade prototype which has been present at ceremonies since the 1980s."

Wilson said he hasn't yet asked Bullock to exchange the collector's item trophy for the cheap one. He said he wants to respect Bullock's privacy, considering her very public marital problems are making headlines on an almost daily basis.

Bullock showed good humor in appearing to claim her Razzie. She brought along hundreds of DVD copies of "All About Steve," and said she would return her award if the Razzie voters watched it and changed their minds.


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