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Samuel L. Jackson Accuses Academy Awards of Discriminating Against Blacks

Samuel L. Jackson was not happy at the 85th Academy Awards – at all.  Kelly Ripa was interviewing the celebrities at the Oscars back stage when Jackson was stopped by Ripa to discuss his red velvet jacket.

At some point during the conversation, Jackson commented to Ripa that there were “no black people seated in the center section – they are all on the sides.”  Robert Downey, Jr. overheard the exchange and just smirked and started to laugh before walking away.  Meanwhile a man, who must have done the seating chart himself, walked by and disagreed with the actor.   The two were arguing over the seating when the man pointed out that Queen Latifah was sitting in the center section.  Samuel continued arguing making Kelly clearly uncomfortable because she then told him they were going to fix the seating right now.

How on earth was Kelly going to fix the seating at the Academy Awards?  Something that had been planned out for weeks?  She was just trying to do her best to avoid the uncomfortable situation.

What do you think about what Samuel L. Jackson had to say about the seating at the Academy Awards?  Is there still discrimination in Hollywood?


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