Samantha Ronson Sued For $1M After Dog Attack


In case Samantha Ronson loses the lawsuit and can’t pay the nearly million dollars for which she is being sued, maybe her girlfriend Lindsay Lohan can help out? Farnouche Kamran and her 3-pound Pekinese were attacked by Ronson’s 60-pound bulldog, Cadillac, and the little Pek was mauled to death! Apparently Cadillac was running loose in the hall of the 12th floor of the building where both Kamran and Ronson live, when Kam and the Pek attempted to leave their apartment and were attacked. Cadillac has a previous reputation for bad behaviour, but was still out loose when it killed the Pek and chewed on Kamran as well.

Kamran is suing Ronson, Empire West Homeowners and Monica Holtzer, the landlord of the building where Ronson and Kamran live, alleging negligence, assault, battery and negligent infliction of emotional distress.  

“During the attack upon Plaintiff and her dog, Tiger, Plaintiff, repeatedly screamed for “help,” specifically to the unknown man standing inside the open doorway of Defendant Ronson’s apartment who watched the attack and did nothing as Ronson’s dog Cadillac ferociously attacked Plaintiff and killed her dog Tiger,” it’s being claimed.

The lawsuit was filed this morning in Southern California.  Kamran seeks $750,000 and the ouster of Cadillac. “Ronson says on twitter that there is nothing she can say that will change what happened that day.” Here is a hint: take better care to make sure your dog is not loose. If you are a pet owner, you are supposed to be responsible for your pet, and not let a potentially dangerous dog run loose.  I feel horrible for Kamran; I have a little dog and cannot imagine how she is feeling.


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