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Sam Ronson's Dog May Be Put Down

After DJ Samantha Ronson's bulldog, Cadillac, attacked and killed another dog, Ronson shipped Cadillac off to stay with friends on the East Coast. However, now that the Department of Animal Care and Control is investigating the incident, the distance may not save Cadillac. If Animal Care finds against Ronson, she'll be charged as a criminal, and Cadillac will probably have to be put down.

E! News spoke to Animal Care's Deputy Director Michelle Roache, who said, "It’s a pending criminal prosecution. The attack was substantial." Roache explained the possible punishments Ronson -- and Cadillac -- could face. "They vary from [sentences where] the person can’t own any dogs in the county of Los Angeles, to the court demanding the dog for euthanasia, or a lot of times they have to pay a fine. I haven’t seen people jailed for an incident like this.”

Cadillac has bitten other dogs, and people, before: he had also just returned from completing a dog-training program when he killed the Maltese. Unfortunately, it seems that Cadillac is beyond help. Unless Ronson is willing to keep an eye (and a leash) on her dog at all times, Cadillac shouldn't be allowed around other canines or humans. And Ronson may no longer have any choice in the matter, now that Animal Care and Control is involved.

These investigations usually take three or four months to complete, so Cadillac will have a stay of execution until then.


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