Sam Rockwell on Hilary Swank: "I Love Her So Much, I Could Punch Her"

Sam Rockwell and Hilary Swank star in the upcoming Conviction (release date December 1, 2010). Based on a true story, Hilary plays Betty Anne Waters, a working mother who puts herself through law school to defend her brother Kenny (played by Sam Rockwell) who has been wrongly convicted of murder.

The two got along so well that Sam jokingly refers to Hilary as a diva:

“She’s always in my light, she’s always ‘me me me… Frappuccino’,”

All kidding aside, he has an odd way of conveying his love of her:

“No, no. She’s amazing. I wanna punch her I love her so much. She is such a dedicated actress and I just love her work ethic. She really comes in there guns blazing. She’s formidable.”

I’m all for quirky, off-beat comedy and whatnot, but the punching part doesn’t really make me laugh or even crack a smile for that matter. I know he’s joking (jeezuz I hope so) but is it just me? Is it because I’m tired and very hungry that I find no humour in this? Do you find that funny?

Hilary is very hopeful for this film:

“I think this is gonna shine a pretty bright light on some things that need to be fixed. This type of story is why I’m an actor. You know, I love people stories, and everyone has a story, and this is one of those that you carry forever in your heart.”

The character Betty Anne spent 18 years trying to exonerate her brother. The punching thing aside, this does sound like an incredible movie, doesn’t it? Would you go see it?

Photo: Dominic Chan/WENN


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