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Former Britney Spears Pal Sam Lutfi Stalking Lindsay Lohan?

We have found out just who it is stalking Lindsay Lohan while she is in rehab – it’s Sam Lutfi.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you who Sam Lutfi is; if you follow celebrity gossip enough, you’ll remember Sam Lutfi is the weirdo who was attached to Britney Spears’ hip just before she had her major breakdown.

Britney’s family thinks Sam was supplying Brit with drugs, keeping her in a bizarre, trance-like state and controlling her. Britney Spears’ family finally had to get a restraining order against Sam Lutfi. And she wasn’t the first person to do so.

So now the freak (professional stalker) has moved on to Lindsay Lohan. His new obsession.

Sam Lutfi has been sending Lindsay Lohan messages saying he is watching her. He has also sent her text messages claiming to be “Mike from TMZ,” warning her to stay away from her mother, Dina Lohan. We hear Michael Lohan has been “in contact” with Lutfi, but at this point, we aren’t sure why exactly.

Of course Sam Lutfi is denying that he is stalking Lindsay Lohan, and says that her people are the same team that represents Britney – and that they are out to get him.

TMZ is reporting that the Betty Ford Center, where Lindsay is being treated for drug and alcohol addiction, is moving Lindsay Lohan to another location, somewhere undisclosed and safe, to keep Sam Lutfi from stalking her.


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