Sam Lufti's Lawsuit Against Britney Spears' Family is Thrown Out


Sometimes, kittens, justice does prevail. Britney Spears' worst nightmare, Sam Lufti, just had his case against her family thrown out of court by a judge claiming he had no basis for the suit, it is being reported. According to TMZ:

Lufti had filed a lawsuit — claiming the various members of the Spears family had defamed him, attacked him and breached a managementcontract he said he had with Britney. 

He went so far as to claim Brit was a meth head. Her mother, Tina, claimed that Sam had been drugging Britney while she was in his presence. It was during her time with him, that she had her public 'meltdown' (that's for lack of a better word because it seems really wrong to call it a meltdown if you are being unknowingly drugged. Allegedly) where she shaved her hair off.

Of course the douchebag will be appealing the decision. Sam Lufti needs to slither away.

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