Angelina Jolie to Star in "Salt" Sequel


Last summer’s blockbuster action film Salt starring Angelina Jolie as Russian spy Evelyn Salt, did well at the box office, raking in over $300 million in revenues.

The movie was exciting and fun to watch, and if you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you go rent it NOW.

The ending to the film was left open for the possibility of a sequel, and thankfully Sony Pictures indeed has plans to go ahead with a second film starring Angelina Jolie reprising the role.

Kurt Wimmer, who wrote the original film, has been hired on to pen the sequel and is already hard at work on the first draft.

Normally, I’m opposed to sequels, remakes and the like… but this film was special. Special in the way that it was a fantastic original story, and it did feel unfinished to a degree, which perfectly paints the way for a successful and fulfilling part two.

Finally, a sequel to be excited about!


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