Salma Hayek Almost Quit Hollywood


Salma Hayek tells the new issue of Marie Claire magazine that she almost quit Hollywood to raise her daughter Valentina. Gee, what a risk. However would her billionaire husband and she have paid the rent?

From the mag:

Hayek confesses that she considered abandoning Hollywood after she gave birth. "I think if you are young and you have children, you still have so much to prove. When you have children later in life, you lose a bit of that urge for working," she explains. "At the time, I was thinking, I can do another movie that may or may not work, or I can be with my child, nourish her, and not miss a moment of this precious time. And if my career is going to end in two years, what's the difference, anyway?"

It was [husband Francois-Henri Pinault] who urged her to return to Hollywood, Hayek says. "He told me, 'You feel like this right now, but when Valentina grows a little older, you are going to want to go back, and it might be too late. You are so smart, so talented. You have so much more potential. Don't you want to see where it will take you?' I was always trying to make people believe in me, and then I found someone who believed in me more than I believed in myself."


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