Sacha Baron Cohen Sued Over "Bruno" Spat at Gay Marriage Rally

A cameraman is suing Sacha Baron Cohen over an alleged attack at a gay marriage rally in Los Angeles while the funnyman filmed his Bruno film.

Lensman Mike Skiff has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles claiming he was roughed up in a scuffle at a Prop 8 rally in 2008, and is seeking more than $25,000 in damages for alleged physical and emotional pain and suffering.

According to the lawsuit, Skiff claims Cohen and his Bruno crew showed up at the rally with the intention to “promote violent discord”, and carried signs “contrived for the sole purpose of inciting and sparking unrest to enhance the dramatic effect of what they may capture for their film.”

He says he was shoved, pulled and that crewmembers violently confronted him “with the threat of being clubbed with wooden signs.” Skiff also claims the incident was designed to stop him from filming the event.

Just add this one to the ‘pending’ pile of lawsuits against Cohen. You know the ones that will have holes drilled through them like Swiss cheese…

show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6U5PfrnEX4A&feature=player_embedded


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