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Ryan Reynolds Became Comedian Because of "Tense" Upbringing

Canadian hottie Ryan Reynolds tells Germany’s In Magazine that his upbringing was on the tense side:

“I grew up in a very tense household. My whole family consists of cops. My three brothers are policemen as well... So I was always trying to cultivate some sense of lightness, and it became my way to defend myself. Or if some sort of tragedy happened you could transform pain into something funny, that eased the pain.”

I have other methods to ease Ryan’s pain if he needs it. But it involves being naked, jello, a blindfold and some movie cameras (but you won’t notice them because, duh, you’ll be blind-folded).

However, it seems laughter wins out for now as not only does he employ that method, but he loves that about that woman he married.  You may know her: Scarlett Johansson?

He says that unlike a lot of Hollywood actresses who take themselves way too seriously, wifey-poo is not like that:

“Contrary to a lot of other actresses she doesn’t take everything terribly seriously and she laughs about herself. Women who have a sense of humour are just sexy,”

Why, thank you, Ryan.  I love when you call me sexy. It makes me feel tingly and stuff.

Source:  CoverMedia

Photo:  WENN


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