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Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock 'Good Friends' or Something More?

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds continue to claim to be “just friends,” but the stars are seen together more and more often. Most recently, Reynolds was photographed (below) leaving Bullock's Hollywood Hills following a three-hour visit this week.

The ‘Proposal’ co-stars, who have been friends for over a decade, have been spending an increasing amount of time together since helping each other through their respective break-ups last year.

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Sandra made a surprise appearance at ‘The Change-Up’ premiere a few weeks ago to support Ryan, and earlier this month they were spotted enjoying a hike (with Sandra’s adopted son Louis) near Bullock's father's home in Wyoming.

Then again, it could all be professional. The two movie stars are rumored to be producing a new animated television show ‘And Then There Was Gordon.’

They are in talks to voice the lead characters in the show, about an average boy surrounded by prodigy siblings. The series will reportedly be made under Reynolds' production company with Bullock taking on an executive producer role.

There are also rumors that they are considering starring together in a new romantic comedy ‘Most Wanted.’

What do you think, are they more than “just good friends?”


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