Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried Split


Attention ladies, hottie Ryan Phillippe is back on the market!

Yes, we know he’s a d***hebag for cheating on Reese Witherspoon with Abbie Cornish, but he’s a hot d***hebag. And if ladies are willing to give Chris Brown another chance, then why not Ryan, too?

Ryan has officially ended his seven month relationship with Amanda Seyfried, reportedly for good this time. The twosome parted ways back in February, but got back together right afterward.

An insider said, “They were always on and off. They were always seeing other people,” adding, “It was mutual. They were never fully committed. There’s no bad blood. They’re cool.”

Are you surprised that they’ve decided to go their separate ways? I’m left wondering exactly why they split. Does Ryan still have a wandering eye? Did he cheat on Amanda? It sounds like they’re going to remain friends, but there’s more to this story, I can feel it.

What do you think?


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