Ryan O'Neal Blames Oprah for Problems with Daughter Tatum

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Ryan O’Neal recently blamed Oprah Winfrey for not getting more involved in his reality series, 'Ryan and Tatum: The O’Neals,' which was supposed to bring him closer to his daughter Tatum. The reality show aired on Oprah's OWN network.

O'Neal told Access Hollywood Live: “We never saw her, never spoke to her, not a note, not a line, not a word… I don’t think she was even in Los Angeles. I guess she thought we’d take care of it ourselves. One of the reasons we did it (the show) is that Oprah has a kind of a magical touch and that, with the combination of Oprah and hope, she (Tatum) and I could manage to get past what was bothering us. But we needed her and she didn’t show.”

O'Neal suggested that there should be a second season to bring him and his estranged daughter together: “Perhaps, if we did a second season, we could close some of those doors, but no one ever seemed to watch it (the show) anyway. The Oprah channel could use some publicity. They should spend a little money on it by the way, Oprah. That’s between you and me.”

O’Neal added that Tatum's son had moved in with him: “Her (Tatum’s) son lives with me now in Malibu. I lost one, I got someone else. It’s a tricky family. There’s so much pride and there is so much injury, it’s very difficult.”

Ryan and Tatum became estranged when she was a teenager and he fell in love with Farrah Fawcett. Earlier this year, Ryan told Piers Morgan that he feared his family drama gave Fawcett her deadly cancer.


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