Ryan Gosling: Sex with Michelle Williams in "Blue Valentine" was "Real"


 Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams heat things up together in the long awaited film Blue Valentine, so much so that rumors started to surface that the co-stars were dating in real life.

Ryan opens up in an interview with UK's Guardian, describing the lovemaking scene between he and Michelle as being real.

"The sex felt real - it wasn't sexy or 'a sex scene', and that's why we got into trouble," he said. "You shouldn't be penalized for doing a good job."

"Most movies when you're acting, you're trying to block out the lights and the trailers. Here, you had to remind yourself you were making a film," he said. "Michelle and I found it hard to take off our wedding bands when it was over. We'd built this castle and then had to tear it down."

As for Michelle's take on the sex scene in the film,

Via Reuters,

"I thought, 'I've never seen that before in a movie and I'm proud to be the first. Good on us for making that happen,'" she said. "As the woman in the situation that was in question, I found absolutely nothing scandalous, tawdry or disgusting about it."

The two had moved into the house where the film was shot and actually lived there while filming.


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