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Ryan Gosling Starring in 'Only God Forgives'

Nicolas Winding Refn is following up his critically acclaimed Drive with Only God Forgives, and is doing it with his star, Ryan Gosling. These pics are the first look at the film that is currently filming (and apparently, according to his Twitter account, Refn wants it “ready” by the end of August”.  He didn’t specify why, but there’s a lot of speculation and really smart money would agree, that he’s aiming for Festival season, which kicks off at the end of August in Venice.

The film, set in Bangkok, finds Gosling as Julian, a former kick-boxer that now owns a Thai Boxing club with  strong ties to the underworld (his mother, played by Kristin Scott Thomas is some sort of mob boss who makes Jacki Weaver’s Smurf Cody look like Mother Teresa), but he feels empty inside. When Julian’s brother kills a prostitute, he runs afoul of a local cop known as The Angel of Vengeance. Julian and the cop are then set on a collision course where things can only be resolved with extreme violence.

(Forgive me Baby Goose but looks to me like Julian couldn’t’ have been a very good kick-boxer. FYI, that's acclaimed French director Gaspar Noe in the blue shirt below. He appears to be consulting on the film )

Written and directed by Winding Refn, with Cliff Martinez (Drive) again handling the score, Only God Forgives will be in theaters sometime in 2012.


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