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Russell Simmons' New Book: How to Get "Super Rich"

What does it mean to be truly rich? Does it mean owning planes, yachts, and designer clothes? Does it mean getting anything you want at a moment’s notice? According to the materially and spiritually rich mogul Russell Simmons, “the ultimate state of being rich is to honestly be in a state of needing nothing. To need nothing is to be super rich.”

This might sound crazy coming from someone who can pretty much have anything he wants, but, amazingly, needing and expecting nothing and being true to himself is the reason he is so wealthy. SUPER RICH: A Guide to Having It All by Russell Simmons with Chris Morrow (Gotham Books, on sale 1/4/11, $22.50), is Simmons’ ultimate venture—a genuinely helpful, motivational, and meaningful guide to making the absolute most out of life told in a unique style that blends spirituality with business insight and street smarts.

Everyone has unique gifts to share with the world, but many people have not yet tapped into what those gifts are and overlook the key to their personal success. SUPER RICH teaches how to drown out the noise and focus to find life’s purpose.

Check out this video with Russell to learn more about the book.


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