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Russell Crowe Was Almost Murdered

n the most shocking news of the entire day and possibly even the week, it seems that while Russell Crowe was researching a role for one of his films in Australia, his life was momentarily in danger. Did you understand that? HE ALMOST DIED BY MURDER.

Apparently, the incident occurred while he was shadowing Australian policeman Mark Standen. Luckily for Russell though, everyone in Autralia loves him because he likes playing awful music, fighting with strangers and taking himself very, very, very seriously, which meant that in the end he didn't get killed: (Via Sydney's The Daily Telegraph)

'I met him out on the street and we were walking down this alleyway between these buildings and there were these guys dressed as workmen but there wasn't like a building site anywhere.

'They sort of turned and came toward us and if they wanted they could have very easily stopped us in that alleyway.

'There was quite a large group of them and one of them looked at me and kind of nodded his head and said, 'Hey Crowey, how are ya mate?'

'And then they stepped aside and allowed the two of us to pass.

'We walked a few steps and I said to him, 'F*ck that felt like a hit'.

'And he said, 'It did didn't it'. I just thought, 'What the f*ck was all that about?'

Not that it would have mattered though, because Russell can stop bullets and knives simply by being really really angry.

What's that you say? And entire article just so we can show this clip? How dare you. How dare you.


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