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Russell Crowe Curses, Walks Out of Robin Hood Interview

Let's face it. With the exception of maybe the Jonathan Ross show, BBC radio is not really known for trying to aggravate the stars they interview who are trying to plug a movie. Maybe Russell Crowe had a big hangover or maybe he was just back to being what seems a perpetual ass, but during a live interview, he dropped an F-bomb and walked away.

It all started when the interviewer asked Russell if there was bit of an Irish accent in his portrayal of Robin Hood.

"You've got dead ears, mate, seriously dead ears if you think there's an Irish accent."

The reporter then offered that perhaps it was from Northern England.

"No I was going for an Italian, yeah. Missed it? F**k me. Anyway..."

Finally, Russell was asked about the recent story that he didn't want to say the line that was so notable, which was, "I'll take my revenge in this life or the next."

At that point, Russell walked away.


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