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Russell Crowe Quits Smoking

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Russell Crowe is finding it hard to give up the bad habit of smoking. Only two days without the cancer sticks and he's experiencing withdrawal symptoms of coughing and dry skin. He tweeted:

"Day 2 has been much harder than yesterday. My skin is really salty and I'm coughing a lot. Patches, inhaler, gum - I've got all the crutches.

"Odd subconscious things, moving ashtrays closer to me. Checking my pockets for lighters. Just have to stay with it." Patches, inhaler, gum - I've got all the crutches.

He later wrote: "Had my [Nicorette] inhaler to hand all morning so far. Funny, been cruising it really, but today seeing smokers everywhere.  Wild dreams last night." (via Digital Spy)

Hang in there, Russell! It will be one of the best things you can do for yourself!


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