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Russell Crowe Dating Dita Von Teese?

The New York Post has reported that 'Les Miserables' star and Hollywood icon, Russell Crowe, has been getting cozy with burlesque seductress Dita Von Teese.

Crowe, who separated from wife Danielle Spencer three months previously, reportedly joined Von Teese for a spa session at the Four Seasons in New York city earlier this December. A source has said Von Teese, who was briefly married to rocker Marilyn Manson, and Russell Crowe met at the spa for a 6:30 a.m. couples massage.

Many have noticed the pair's Twitter flirtation growing over the past few months. Crowe apparently retweeted this status posted by the dancer:

“Dressage. Was measured for bespoke blk patent boots w/my name stamped on the heel . . . But under whose bed did I leave my Hermes riding crop?”

And also this one:

"Giving airport security a lesson in garter belts this morning.”

Sharing Von Teese's provocative statements like these has gotten speculation swirling about the couples possible relationship. Sealed lips from both Von Teese and Crowe have done nothing to decrease the gossip. However, the actor has claimed to want a reconciliation with Spencer, with whom he has two children, 9-year-old Charles, and 6-year-old Tennyson.

During last night's Golden Globes it appeared Crowe was on his way to that goal. He told followers via twitter that he was at home with his children and gave congratulatory shout-outs to fellow Les Mis cast members, Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway, on their wins.

The vixen Von Teese is only the most recent woman thought to be dating newly single Crowe. Last year whispers flew that Crowe was at the Greenwich Hotel getting very friendly with Billy Joel's ex-wife.

Crowe Adamantly denied these reports on Twitter, stating:

"As soon as I finish this job and can get home, my priority is to try to bring my family back together, these latest reports are false and cruel."

It's believed Spencer would receive around 20 million dollars in a divorce settlement with Crowe, should that happen. The couple were married in 2003, and own  numerous properties including a pub in New South Wales and apartments in Sydney.

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