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Russell Brand Wears Katy Perry’s Clothing

Wow!  This celebrity couple shares everything!

Russell Brand doesn’t mind showing off his “feminine” side, revealing he often wears his wife’s clothes.

The British comedian admits he wears Katy Perry’s clothes, even in public!  Brand even wore one of Perry’s tees to a recent Yoga class.

Another person in his class stated, “He admitted he was wearing Katy’s clothes and that she doesn’t mind.

“He said, ‘Women’s clothes fit better!’ and added, ‘What’s hers is mine!’”

Russell has been known for wearing skinny jeans, lowcut shirts, and eye make-up.

And the funnyman admits he began stealing Katy’s clothes even before they married in October 2010.

Russell jokingly said,  “I take anything of hers that I find lying about. I’m wearing a t-shirt of hers and a sock that’s so small my toes are scrunched up.”

The cute couple are currently planning to return to India for vacation over New Years.

A pal of Brands revealed, “As part of Katy’s birthday present Russell booked a trip to the Aman resort in New Delhi for New Year. Katy’s schedule is jam packed right until the end of the year.

“They plan to spend Christmas in Britain with Russell’s mother and then fly to India on holiday.”


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