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Blasphemy! They're Remaking "Arthur" -- with Russell Brand!

Of course all the young people today, sadly, have never seen the original ARTHUR they have nothing to compare it to. 


The highly anticipated remake of the 1981 classic, Arthur, starred Dudley Moore in the title role as a drunken playboy who falls in love with an unconventional woman. Brand recently opened up about his new role, and his talented female co-stars Dame Helen Mirren and indie darling Greta Gerwig…

I am looking forward to playing Arthur, I’m excited about it because I love Dudley Moore and my dad’s from the same place as him. Helen Mirren is playing the John Gielgud role as a nanny because remember I’m a person who tends towards more feminine things. I like women and that. I’m easier around women

Greta Gerwig will star as his love interest, a character previously played by Liza Minnelliin the original. He’s done some wardrobe fittings for the film and production should begin sometime in July.


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