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Blasphemy! They're Remaking "Arthur" -- with Russell Brand!

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Of course all the young people today, sadly, have never seen the original ARTHUR ...so they have nothing to compare it to. 

show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH3tG5t9cN0&feature=player_embedded

The highly anticipated remake of the 1981 classic, Arthur, starred Dudley Moore in the title role as a drunken playboy who falls in love with an unconventional woman. Brand recently opened up about his new role, and his talented female co-stars Dame Helen Mirren and indie darling Greta Gerwig…

I am looking forward to playing Arthur, I’m excited about it because I love Dudley Moore and my dad’s from the same place as him. Helen Mirren is playing the John Gielgud role as a nanny because remember I’m a person who tends towards more feminine things. I like women and that. I’m easier around women

Greta Gerwig will star as his love interest, a character previously played by Liza Minnelliin the original. He’s done some wardrobe fittings for the film and production should begin sometime in July.


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