Russell Brand Refused Entry into Canada

As a Canadian I can't tell you how pissed I am that our customs' officials did not let Russell Brand into Canada last night so he could perform at Casino Rama in Orillia. Poor Russell was a bit frantic tweeting that he was going to be late for his show (that started at 9 and was expected to have 5,000 people in attendance). His final tweet of the night is the one above.

What a shame because a few months back he was allowed into Vancouver but the customs' officials in Toronto must have been pissed to be working Saturday night or something because they wouldn't let him in. It could be because of his drug arrests from a hundred years ago, I don't know but he hardly poses a threat to Canada. All I know is that on behalf of Canada I am sorry Russell Brand. You didn't deserve to be denied entry. I would NEVER deny you entry. Ever.


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