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Russell Brand May Marry Again

His divorce to his wife of 14 months, Katy Perry is finalized at the end of this month, but Russell Brand is already stating that he would definitely consider marriage again. Despite the fact he's been boning dating a plethora of women who aren't me he isn't completely turned off of the concept of wedded bliss.

He told the Mirror(and in the process breaks my horny heart):

“I’m single at the moment. I’m also dating. You know that sort of dating where you can do what you like?” But concedes: “Yeah, I’d get married again.”

While it sounds incredibly judgmental, it baffles me how after 14 months of marriage you end it, and then six months later are okay with the idea of marrying again. I guess on the one hand that's not a bad thing, but it must sting if you are Katy to hear that.


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