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Russell Brand to Host MTV Movie Awards

Russell Brand has been chosen as the host of this year's MTV Movie Awards. If you'll remember, the last time he presented an awards ceremony for MTV was back in 2008 when he called George Bush a retard. Oh how we laughed.

He really does have a huge mouth though, doesn't he? Not speaking metaphorically, it actually is huge. We've emailed him to ask how many Ibuprofen he can fit in at once, our guess is 43. Anyone here want to take a stab? If you're closer than us, we promise to write a hugely fawning article about your favourite musician.

Anyway, since the MTV Movie Awards has the same kind of critical clout about films that we do about professional fly fishing we're going to completely ignore the ramifications of his appointment and instead look at funny videos of stuff he's done in the past.


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