Is Russell Brand Hitting on Girls?


Newly single Russell Brand seems to be enjoying his new status.

Brand and his wife Katy Perry filed for divorce after a mere 14 months of marriage. The former bad boy, seems to be slipping right back into his old ways.  Brand was in New York for Amnesty International’s “Secret Policeman’s Ball.”  Spotting an attractive brunette on the street, he asked her for her phone number – not before telling her she was ‘perfect,’ according to the NY Post.

Brand wasted no time calling the lovely lady 10 minutes later. Brand and the lady were said to be “texting all weekend, but haven’t met up yet.”

Meanwhile, Perry was seen partying over the weekend in Paris at a “This is New York” bash at Le Regine.

Are you surprised by Brand’s behavior or did you expect to read about his antics?


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