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Russell Brand Helps the Homeless in Los Angeles

It's no secret that Russell Brand is somewhat of a philanthropist, always helping the homeless and hungry of LA. With his long hair and lovely beard-fuzz, he's like a modern day Jesus, wandering round LA spreading happiness. No wonder those Westboro loons agreed to go on his show: they love Jesus.

He's so concerned about the wellbeing of his homeless friends, he's enlisted the homeless-helpin' services of a few of his mates, and supplied them with cash to keep the destitute happy over the Christmas holidays while he's away in Australia.

A source said that before he hopped on a plane to the land of killer spiders and rats as big as cats, Russell handed over a stack of bills and told his mates to take care of the needy:

“He usually spends about £1,500 a month just helping people out.

“He asked pals to make sure these guys are OK while he’s away.

“So they have been taking them along for food and making sure they’ve got warm clothing and a few dollars in their pocket until he gets back.”

Basically, like him or loathe him (here in the HM office we can't seem to agree) but you've got to respect someone who befriends and assists the homeless so much, so today we're pro-Brand. So we've pulled together a bunch of pics of him being nice to the homeless. 


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