Russell Brand and Katy Perry Shape Up for Their Wedding


With a wedding coming up to Katy Perry, actor Russell Brand wants to be a buff groom. He recently took up kickboxing in order to get fit for the big day, and has even gone so far as living with a group of military men for a weekend - who he struggled to keep up with. He told late night show host David Letterman,

I love the Marines. I respect them and can't believe what heroic deeds they do and the way they live. I went to live with them for 48 hours to see what it would be like.

I wish I could say I did rather well. But it was compromising. I slept in a dorm with 70 of them. I know this because just before bed each has to shout out their name, or number... Then they woke me up at 3.30 in the morning to go on a 10km hike, with 70lbs of luggage in a big backpack. A lot of the stuff in it, you didn't even need! Three sleeping bags - there's only one of me."

But it's not just Russell who's going to be in shape, Katy is becoming a buff bride by cutting back on her favorite foods. Some of her favorite foods include:

My fave things include barbeque chicken chop at CPK, Chinese chicken salad at Chinchins, rock shrimp and yellowtail sashimi at Nobu, crispy beef at Mr. Chow's, four curry chicken salad at Urth Cafe, my beloved double double at In-N-Out Burger," she listed. "All so good but so bad!"


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