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Russell Brand Talks Sex in "Rolling Stone"

Russell Brand gets sexy on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone Magazine with the tag line ‘The Sexual Healing of Russell Brand‘.  Russell tells RS what distracts him:

I’m constantly distracted by my ambition, narcissism, vanity, desire, lust. I don’t pretend to enjoy anonymity.”

He shares one of his on tour habits:

Whilst on tour, I masturbate a little bit, but not too much... It’s similar to the monkeys you see masturbating at the zoo, where it’s like ‘Zookeeper! Zookeeper! There’s something wrong with that monkey! And then, of course, if you ejaculate onto yourself, there’s that beautiful, transcendent, orgasmic moment of relief, then you walk to the bathroom, clean up and you catch yourself in the mirror and it’s like, ‘I don’t know what you’re looking at! Kings have done that!’”

Despite being very happy and in love with Katy Perry, he still has his demons to conquer:

Going on a voyage of self-discovery isn’t as exciting as getting your cock sucked while chomping on chocolate and playing Nintendo, is it?” Brand wonders. “Ultimately, it’s more gratifying. And my life will be ascetic and about denial. But I’m not there yet, so the conflict continues.”



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