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Russell Brand Avoids Jail Time

Russell Brand won't be spending any time in the pokey where he would surely be a hit with the inmates. Russell Brand was sentenced today for  the incident back in March in which he took a photographer's iPhone and hurled it through a window causing damage and an unflattering booking photo (not really if you like the crazy look).

TMZ is reporting that his lawyer appeared in court on his behalf this morning where he pled not guilty and struck a deal which will see the British comic pay $500 in fine and do 20 hours of community service which is a good deal considering he avoided up to six months in jail. He will spend his service helping those with addiction issues.

If he did have to serve jail time I was all set with my baking instruments to make him a cake. Instead of a file I was going to jump out of it and scare the bejezuz out of Brand.

Do you think the sentence is fair?


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