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Russell Brand and Demi Moore Dating?

In today's surprising-at-first-but-then-actually-not-surprising-at-all news, it is being rumoured that Russell Brand and Demi Moore are, like, totally doin' it. Sex, that is. Lovely, lovely sex.

See what we mean? At first it's surprising, because maybe you've never imagined the two of them even meeting, let alone rubbing their genitals together, but then you think about it for a minute (not specifically about their genitals, though if you want to, you can. It's a free country and you're an adult and you can think about people's genitals if you want to.) and it actually makes sense.

A source says:

“Russell and Demi met through a mutual friend and really connected.

“They’ve got so much in common and Russell’s been introducing her to all kinds of new yoga moves.

“He’s also teaching her about meditation.

“Russell is a real charmer and she’s enjoying hanging out with him.

“They’re both very spiritual people.”

All kinds of new yoga moves, eh? YOGA MOVES, or SEX MOVES? Clearly, sex moves. 

Anyway, yeah, if this is actually a thing that is happening, it makes sense. They're both recovered addicts who probably like to do really bendy sex moves. Good for them, we say.


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