Rumor: Julia Roberts Not Attending Sister's Wedding Because She Doesn't Like Groom

New reports say that Julia Roberts is avoiding attending her half-sister's wedding because she doesn't approve of the groom.

Roberts, 45, has denied being a bridesmaid because she doesn't like Nancy's future husband John Dilbeck.

"Julia doesn't think much of Nancy's husband-to-be," an insider said. "She's convinced he's sponging off Nancy, who doesn't have much money in the first place. They moved out to LA from Georgia, and John was working at a Panda Express restaurant."

"But he quit the job after Nancy landed a gig as a production assistant on Glee."

Roberts reportedly had a hand in getting Nancy the job on Glee, as she put a good word in to the show's creator Ryan Murphy, who she worked with on "Eat, Pray, Love."

The two half-sisters have a history of tension, after Nancy was caught taking pictures of Roberts' twins Phinnaeus and Hazel at their home in New Mexico. 

Sources: Daily Mail


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