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Round 1: Men vs. Machine on "Jeopardy!"

Just in time for February sweeps, the game show "Jeopardy!" is pitting two men against IBM's Watson supercomputer in a three-day battle of wits.

But these aren't just ordinary men -- they are the two biggest "Jeopardy!" winners ever; Ken Jennings, whose 74-game winning streak captivated the country in 2004, and Brad Rutter, the all-time money winner with $3.2 million.

Round one aired Monday night, and the computer jumped out to an early start. At the first commercial break, Jennings and Rutter each had $200, while Watson compiled $5,200.

But the answers got more difficult after the break and the humans did much better. By the end of the show, Jennings had $2,000, and Rutter and Watson each had $5,000.

The matchup was not without its glitches, For example, after Jennings gave an incorrect question, the computer gave the same question because it can't hear the other contestants. After all, it is a computer.

"Watson is very bright, very fast, and as you saw, he has some weird little moments," host Alex Trebek declared at the end of the show.

Tuesday night will see a Double Jeopardy round, with Final Jeopardy on Wednesday.

Here's the play-by-play, courtesy of the web site The Register:

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