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Rosie O’Donnell Upset Over Glee’s Fat Women Portrayal

Rosie O’Donnell has questioned the song choices for the Glee star Ashley Fink, who plays female wrestler ‘Lauren Zizes’ and is in general displeased with her portrayal on the show.  Rosie thinks Ashley’s character is given overweight women a bad rap. 

Rosie spoke of her dismay at the songs given to Ashley Fink’s character on the latest season of Glee. 

Ashley, who plays the full-figured female wrestler ‘Lauren Zizes’, sang a rendition of The Waitresses’ hit ‘I Know What Boys Like’ on Wednesday’s episode (16th February 2011), a decision that infuriated O’Donnell. 

The actress said, “I have to believe that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have something up their sleeve and that Lauren can really sing because ‘I Know What Boys Like’ last night was not what I was expecting.”  She went on, “I just was like, ‘Where’s the Susan Boyle moment? She’s gonna belt it out of the park!’ and then she did I know what boys like, ‘I know what guys want?’  I was like ‘I want more than this.’” 

O’Donnell also revealed that the character of ‘Lauren’ has angered some of her close friends, saying, “It really, really strikes a chord with every overweight woman I know. That character is so unlikable. Why didn’t they get a pretty heavy girl? They should’ve gotten someone beautiful like Brooke Elliot.”

Well Rosie, the people who put together the wildly popular ‘Glee’ seem to have done exceedingly well without your advice, so they are unlikely to heed it now.

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