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Roseanne Barr Surprised by Tom Arnold at Comedy Central Roast

Roseanne Barr had quite a blast from the past during her Comedy Central Roast taping.

Her ex-husband Tom Arnold showed up and was the hit of the show.

“We have not been in the same room for over 17 years,” Arnold told the audience after taking the stage.

Arnold made mostly positive comments about Barr, stating, “Is this really the best format to do this? Getting together with your ex at a roast.”

Roseanne actually seemed to be touched by Arnold’s comments, jokingly stating, “I’d really like to thank Tom for showing up. It was very brave and he was very funny. But Jesus Christ how many jobs do I have to get that guy?”

Here’s a few of the cruelest comments made during Roseanne’s roast:

Amy Schumer: “I was surprised you were running for president. I just think a lot of people just couldn’t picture you, like, running.”

Katey Sagal: “It’s great to see Roseanne back in the spotlight. Technically, it’s two spotlights, but you get the idea.”

Anthony Jeselnik: “Roseanne, what does it say about you that when you accused your father of incest, there was an outpouring of sympathy for your father.”

Gilbert Gottfried: “Tonight, it’s our chance to end the reign of Rozilla forever. Everyone, grab your torches and lead her to the pit. She’ll think it’s a barbecue!”

Jane Lynch: “She’s one of those rare celebrities so famous that she’s referred to by just one name: b***h … I waved to you outside but then I realized it was just one of those inflatable parking lot gorillas.”

Jeffrey Ross: “I’ve got to give it to you, you’ve been tortured and abused all night and you’re still hanging in there. Roseanne, I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to the chair you’re sitting on.” (Bonus: “Instead of running for president, why don’t you try walking on a treadmill. I’d vote for you but I’m against big government. That’s just what we need, a round president in an oval office.”)

Tom Arnold: “Rosie, this is true — she actually had ‘Property of Tom Arnold’ tattooed on her hip, which made me the fourth largest property owner in California.”


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