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Police Say Ronni Chasen’s Murder Solved

With solid evidence it appears that Ronni Chasen’s murderer offed himself when police went to arrest him last week. Harold Martin Smith pulled a gun and fatally shot himself rather than be arrested – he also told neighbors that he killed Chasen and was expecting a $10,000 payment. 

Police are convinced that Smith acted alone and that Ronni’s murder was not a hit but a robbery attempt gone bad. Beverley Hills Police Chief Dave Snowden made it clear today that preliminary tests indicate that Smith’s gun is the murder weapon – further testing will conform this within a week or two he said.

It was America’s Most Wanted that gave the tip to the police that Smith could be involved in the Chasen murder. If you murder someone its not a great idea to tell your neighbors, is it? 

The murder might have been done with Smith on a bicycle – and one was taken from his apartment for testing after he killed himself. 

Anyway – it seems this case is all but closed now – and it certainly seems Ronni Chasen was killed by Harold Smith – not as a hired killing but a ridiculous and tragic robbery attempt.


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