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Police Close Ronni Chasen Case; "Snowjob" Official

Apparently the Beverly Hills Police have decided the Ronni Chasen murder case can be closed. People have stopped asking questions and no one seems to care anymore, so they might as well close it.

The Hollywood Reporter was told that the ballistics in the gun used in the suicide of Harold Martin Smith proved the same gun was used to kill Ronni Chasen. Of course the police don't have to prove that in court so who is to know.

I don't care how much they try and hammer this story, I will never believe it. I just don't see some homeless guy riding a bike out into the middle of nowhere and waiting to rob someone and then killing them. How was he going to rob her?

This is such crap. If you stop to think about it for one minute you will come up with twenty things that make no sense at all. I so wish that guy was still alive because I really would love to hear his side of the story. Tell me again about how he says he was paid for it. Why would he make that up?


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