Ron Howard: Not Taking Gay Joke Out of “The Dilemma”

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Universal Pictures has addressed the controversy over their trailer for the movie “The Dilemma” where Vince Vaughn’s character calls an electric car “gay”.  Read what Ron Howard had to say below.

“The Dilemma” trailer had a joke where Vince Vaughn’s character calls an electric car “gay”, which apparently upset some people.

The studio took that part out of the trailer for the movie but Ron Howard said they will keep the line in the movie.

Howard wrote a lengthy statement explaining his decision to keep the gay joke in the movie.

Ron Howard considered the matter seriously before making a decision.

“I believe in sensitivity but not censorship,” Howard says. “I don’t strip my films of everything that I might personally find inappropriate….I defend the right for some people to express offense at a joke as strongly as I do the right for that joke to be in a film. But if storytellers, comedians, actors and artists are strong armed into making creative changes, it will endanger comedy as both entertainment and a provoker of thought.

The organization GLAAD isn’t happy though!  “At a time when so many in our country are speaking out against the bullying of gay youth, Universal was right to acknowledge the offensive nature of this ‘joke’ when it removed it from trailers. Unfortunately, by leaving it in the movie, they are now contributing to the problem,” their president stated.

“The conversations started as a result of the community’s response to this slur will help schools, media and parents understand the impact of the word ‘gay’ being used as a pejorative,” he continues. “Hopefully in the future, Universal and Ron Howard will recognize the power of their words and use their films to bring people together rather than drive us apart.”

Thousand of people signed a petition last month to get Universal to edit the joke out of the trailer.


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