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Actress Charlotte Lewis: Roman Polanski Raped Me

Many in Hollywood have come out behind Roman Polanski supporting the admitted and convicted rapist. We have never understood why so many stars have stood up for such a lowlife, but now that Charlotte Lewis has come out and accused Roman of sexually abusing her when she was 16, we hope Polanski’s support will dwindle.

With top attorney Gloria Allred by her side, Lewis stated that what Polanski did to her was similar to what he did to 13 year old Samantha Geimer. She was the girl who Polanski drugged with Quaaludes and plied with booze before he raped and sodomized her when he was supposed to be filming her for Vogue.

This accusation, if proven true, will weigh heavily against Polanski – it shows a pattern of violent abusive sexual predation against children. How can anyone support this pig?


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