Robin Williams Marries For a Third Time

Comedian Robin Williams has married for a third time.  Let’s hope the third time is the charm!

The 60-year-old actor married Susan Schneider on Sunday at the Meadowood Resort in Napa Valley, California.

Robin and Susan have been together since 2009.

The star-studded wedding guests included Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Billy Crystal.

Robin’s daughter, actress Zelda, 22, tweeted about her father’s big day.

In a series of tweets posted yesterday, she wrote: “Let the wedding madness begin! Dad just called @RobertKazinsky and @ShannonCollis my hetero-lifemates at the wedding. Now everyone thinks I’m a redhead polygamist … The wedding festivities rage on but my tired feet are done. Think it’s time to lay in the tub, eat m&m’s and write. (sic)”

Several days before the wedding, Susan told the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper she was “so excited and thrilled” about getting married.

Robin met Susan, who is a graphic designer, right before his heart surgery in early 2009.  She helped the comedian as he recuperated from his surgery.

Williams’  first wife was Valerie Velardi and they were married for ten years before divorcing in 1988.  They have a 28-year-old son named Zachary.

The funnyman’s second wife was Marsha Garces and their divorce was finalized last year after she filed in 2008.  They had two children together:  Zelda, 22, and Cody, 19.

Robin previously swore off marriage but apparently had a change of heart!  Williams stated last year, “No sir not again! It’s not just for the financial reasons. But people would think twice about divorce if they had to give up a body part instead of half their fortune.

“You know, you see someone with one leg and one arm, and you say, ‘Hi, Bill, is this your third marriage?’ Let’s not get to fourth marriages.”


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