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Howard Stern Sidekick Robin Quivers Loses 90 Pounds, Will Run Marathon

Robin Quivers, the co-anchor of Howard Stern's radio show, has been on a weight loss journey for the last several years.  The sassy radio star has dropped nearly 90 lbs and is currently training for the NYC Marathon that is just 41 days away!  Robin is blogging her marathon training adventures for More magazine.  

Robin says that before her weight loss she couldn't walk very far, and running was painful, but she's coming along quite well now.  

I started running again about two years ago. I started by walking and I wasn't sure I would actually be capable of running again, but pretty soon I was doing a base run of a little over three miles in Central Park. 

My base run of 3.4 miles is now up to five to six miles, and in the last six weeks I’ve added one long run to each week starting with a run of eight miles. My longest run has been 12 miles.

Robin noticed right away that she would need some new running shoes because her feet were hurting just a few minutes into each run.  Robin's checklist last week consisted of some important things realized she needed for her Central Park training sessions:

Finally, my checklist was complete: good socks, the right shoes, fuel, MP3 player and water.

She's currently up to 3 laps around the loop (approx. 6 miles each) and is really focused on her goal of completing the marathon.  You can follow her blog here. It's very inspiring to watch her progress! We wish her good luck!!

Have you run a marathon in the past? Was it the NYC Marathon? 


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