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Robert Wagner Refuses to be Interviewed Regarding Natalie Wood’s Death

While police have determined that there is enough cause to reopen an investigation into Natalie Wood’s 1981 death, they maintain that her husband Robert Wagner is still not a suspect.

Wood died three decades ago while on a yacht with Wagner, Christopher Walken and the captain of their boat. Although there were always a lot of questions regarding how the 43-year-old ended up in the water and why nobody helped her in time, police initially maintained that there was no reason to believe foul play was involved.

That all kind of changed in November 2011 when Wood’s death was reclassified from accidental drowning to a drowning caused by "undetermined factors." There were two main motivators for this adjustment: 1.) the captain working that night, Dennis Davern, saying Wagner was involved and 2.) authorities being unable to determine whether or not bruises on Wood’s body were obtained before or after she hit the water.

According to CBS, since this investigation was re-launched a year and change ago, only one person has refused to cooperate.

“Detectives began re-investigating the case in November 2011. Since then investigators have interviewed more than 100 people, but Wagner has refused and [sheriff's Lt. John] Corina said the actor's representatives have not given any reason for his silence,” a recent report noted.

For what it’s worth, Wagner’s attorney Blair Berk maintains that his client has been more than willing to assist authorities.

"Mr. Wagner has fully cooperated over the last 30 years in the investigation of the accidental drowning of his wife in 1981," Berk said in a prepared statement.

"Mr. Wagner has been interviewed on multiple occasions by the Los Angeles sheriff's department and answered every single question asked of him by detectives during those interviews."

While these latest developments are obviously salacious and extremely captivating, it is doubtful that anything legitimate will emerge from them. This investigation has been ongoing for several years now and, by all accounts, authorities have enough reasons to be curious, but not enough cause to act on that curiosity.

Barring something totally unforeseen coming to light, Wood’s death will remain what it has been for the better part of thirty-plus years – one of the biggest mysteries in Hollywood history.

(Kudos NBC, CBS)


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