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Robert Pattinson's Family Doesn't Approve of His Relationship with Kristen Stewart (Report)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may be happily back together, but that doesn't mean everyone is happy about their romantic reunion.

"Rob's family, in particular his sisters, still seem to think he's too young to be tied down, especially to someone who was unfaithful to him,"an insider told Heat magazine

Since Stewart's cheating scandal with married director, Rupert Sanders, the two have been working hard to rebuild their relationship.

"Rob and Kristen are spending all of their time together, she's been staying at his house every night. But in Rob's eyes that doesn't mean that they're official yet," the source continued.

Despite his reported hesitancy to make the relationship official and his devastation over the cheating, Pattinson and Stewart seem to be on the right path in their relationship.

"They love each other so much and will always have this connection, but it's very complicated," the insider continued. "It's been hard and ever since Kristen cheated she's done everything she can to keep Rob, but they haven't truly gone back to normal yet."


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