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Robert Pattinson Willing to Meet With Kristen Stewart?

Just in time for their final promotional tour of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, it is being reported that Robert Pattinson is finally willing to meet with Kristen Stewart after the two shared a very emotional one-hour telephone conversation. This will mark the first time the two have come face-to-face since her cheating scandal with SWATH director Rupert Sanders.

Friends of RPattz are reporting that he believe:

''Even though she made a horrendous mistake, Rob can't just switch off his feelings. He was madly in love with her and I think believes that it was a moment of stupidity, not a long, drawn-out affair and it'd never happen again.

And if he does take her back, the source tells Look magazine there will be ground rules (d'uhhh, no kidding):

''If Rob decides to take her back, he'll have some ground rules.

''Kristen would have to spend more time in his hometown of London. He also would want them to adopt the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt way of working – where they take it in turns to do a film so they can be around for time together.''

For those who think that this scandal was a publicity stunt (and I personally go between it being one and not one), they are right on schedule given that the movie will be premiering in November. These things take time and need to be drawn out in the public.

However for those that believe she actually did make the biggest mistake of her young life, and these two are life mates, perhaps Twihard dreams are coming true around the world!

What do you think? Does this story sound like a rumor or potentially a reality?


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