Robert Pattinson Wants Time Away from Kristen Stewart?


Now that Robert Pattinson is back from filming, everyone expected to see him and Kristen Stewart together all the time. This has not exactly been the case.

Perez Hilton says the two have been mostly inseparable, but that Rob still needs his time a part from Kristen as well. Robert was seen with some friends at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Friday and then moved to The Spare Room. Kristen Stewart was not seen at any of these spots with him.

Does this mean they are over?

According to Perez, the answer is no because Rob and Kristen spent Easter together at Kristen’s mom’s mansion. So it seems Robert just needed some time without Kristen so he could hang with his buddies. There isn’t anything wrong with having some time a part from someone you se all the time.

Source: Perez Hilton


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