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Robert Pattinson Wants to Ban Boring People

Robert Pattinsonclaims that if he ruled as king of the world, he would ban boring people!   Of course, he was kidding – or at least we think he was.

Hollywood Life is reporting that during a recent interview, Robert Pattinson started joking about all the things he’d change if he were king of the world.

Pattinson claims that he would “prohibit boring people. In my opinion there is nothing worse. The people who were boring should be in prison and forced to learn to be creative with the other prisoners.”  He also spoke about researching teleportation to help pollution.

Pattinson mentioned his desire to live in a beautiful, pristine area free of others, explaining

“I would find my own city called ‘Sh*t City.’ With a name so daunting that no one would want to live there for anything. [But it would be as pretty as the] Fiji Islands-a haven just for me!”

So what do you think about Robert’s ideas?  Just crazy or interesting?


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