Robert Pattinson to Star in Weird New Cronenberg Film "Cosmopolis"


Cosmopolis is the story of 28-year old-multi-billionaire Eric Packer on his one day trek around midtown Manhattan on a quest to get a haircut.

So I guess it’s kinda fitting and funny that our favorite sparkle-pants vamp has been cast in the role.

Deadline uncovered that Robert Pattinson has just signed on to star as Packer in the film adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel.

The film pretty much has just one setting, the dude’s limo. While driving around Manhattan, Eric manages to lose his entire fortune while betting against the rise of the Japanese yen. He is so thrilled about his loss of fortune that he decides to lose his wife’s money as well.

Sounds bizarre, you say? Well, let's tack on the fact that while driving in his limo he is hunted by two assassins… one of which is known as "The Pastry Assassin."

Super-awesome/quirky director David Cronenberg wrote the screenplay and will also helm the production. I mean, who else could make this film make sense?

It’s taken nearly 2 years to get the project off the ground, and should be a good film. Who knows, maybe this will be enough to pull poor Mr. Edward Cullen out of the sparkly sunlight and into some credibility?

Guess we’ll see.

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